The original Union building opened in the fall of 1964 when Florida State University maintained a much smaller student enrollment. Named the University Union, the complex contained dining rooms, game rooms, a barbershop, a beauty shop, a ticket office, lounges, an auditorium, offices, meeting rooms, and an Olympic–sized swimming pool. The complex was 130,000 sq. ft. in size.

While there has been some facility growth during the union’s fifty+ years of existence, it has not achieved the true growth necessary to adequately keep up with the needs of the current student enrollment nor can it meet the needs of the greater FSU community. The Oglesby Union in its current condition is comprised of approximately 207,000 sq. ft.


In order to support the needs of the 40K+ FSU community and to provide the university with a world class facility worthy of the Florida State University name and reputation and one capable of advancing student engagement and learning outside of the classroom, we found it imperative to facilitate the implementation of the replacement Union project. We are committed to preserving the history and traditions of the Oglesby Union while looking to the future and greatly improving functionality of the space.

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